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2020 – 21 would probably go down in history as the year that totally changed one’s perspective of life. Stuck in four walls, everyone started practicing the most effective tool against the virus, which is to break transmission by reducing or completely cutting off social contact.

To rescue the lives, to fight the mutant virus, soldiers rose from every walk of life. Good Samaritans from across the globe have made their efforts to help people during the COVID-19 outbreak. Keeping in line with the monumental efforts being carried out at every stratum, it felt appropriate that we cover the good works being done by the gaming industry as well. They have now turned out to be warriors we thought we didn’t need – the poker, gaming, esports, fantasy sports and rummy! The old Indian fable about people gathering around an accident, whispering but not helping has now definitely changed.

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All Siddhanth wants to do is create a better world, and for that, he does everything possible in whatever little ways he can for humankind! No wonder, his biggest pet peeve is ‘rascism’!  From donating plasma, the ‘Find a Bed’ campaign, and now the recently concluded ‘Poker for Cause’ Tournament with Poker High, he is on a mission to leave no stone unturned in our fight against the invisible enemy!  

 So, we sat down with Siddhant Kapoor for a pep-talk, and we couldn’t help but wonder how his eyes lit up when he talked about poker! This chilled-out Mumbai lad who has turned now to be force of good takes us on a very heartwarming journey that clearly depicts the love he has for this beautiful game called Poker.

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The poker world experienced a resurgence during the COVID-19 lockdown. So, because it got reinvigorated, India’s poker community decided to come forward and share their strength with the other communities of India. By organising live tournaments and online streams, the poker community brought together thought leaders and influencers together to raise funds and pitch in donations to PM CARES so that India can be relieved off some burden.

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Though the esports community had not been given its long-standing credit, in such times of crisis, the esports community stood-up to help those affected like a true hero. From esports athletes and streamers, streaming to raise funds and organizations organizing tournaments, to them stepping out and actually helping in dangerous situations, the esports fraternity has done everything possible to give back to the country.

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