July 2021 issue of Gutshot, India’s one and only Real Money Gaming magazine, is here!


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As the July showers soak the soil, we look further into the horizon of real money gaming to uncover some of the innovations awaiting us. Design and technology have always been at the forefront of gaming, something that is abundantly explored in this edition.
Love also has a part to play, as we shine the limelight on Prateek Shukla and his book ‘Gamble of Love,’ the first poker fiction novel in India. Sneak a peek into this edition and have your fill from fantasy to rummy, it’s a ride to explore the make and magic of gaming in the new era of technology.
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Ideas Of Truth From Scribbles Of Past!

A big believer of ‘scribbles of the past’, Prateek Shukla, who goes by the pen name Shuklaji pretty much still unfazed by the fact that he just made an unconventional mark for himself in the poker world – the first Indian author to write a book on poker fiction! He prefers to call himself a storyteller instead of just an author; and why not! He successfully blended spirituality, Indian mythology, and poker and crafted a beautiful narrative out of it. The one thing that became pretty much clear to us during the interview was how much this gem of a person adores India, India’s poker scene, and Indian mythology.

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For this edition, we are also introducing the first Gutshot Player of the Month. Carefully chosen by the advisory board, Anirban Das was the first recipient of this honour. With the Indian poker circuit booming with talent, Das was an obvious choice with his long-standing presence in the community. Read all about his journey through the world of online poker for FREE! Simply sign up!



Roland Landers, CEO of AIGF who had previously graced the Gutshot’s December 2020 Cover, is back in conversation with us. However, this time he put much emphasis on a technically advanced skill gaming future.  With a self-regulatory framework and a designated skill games charter in place, AIGF is dedicated to making the online skill gaming industry reach newer heights.  

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The interface of poker platforms is always worked upon to give players an easy and seamless platform to grind on. What you see on the surface is high-value tournaments and an industry that always maximises rewards, but have you wondered how poker platforms were designed? What is the software integration that makes the perfect platform?

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Gaming anywhere and anytime is what every gamer secretly wished for! Cloud gaming is just the answer to those prayers – the new frontier in gaming. Are you prepared to welcome this game-changer? To find out, just sign up!

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