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Stakes Are High!

In the flash and glamour of a casino, cybersecurity is usually the last thing on people’s minds. Our eyes, ears, and thoughts are bombarded with exciting lights, noises, and the general amazement and wonder of the ambience. However, in today’s digital world, we must realise that everything from washing machines to refrigerators has internet capabilities. While some games may appear to be simple, they include a lot of technology.

Gaming and entertainment firms assist consumers in unwinding all the while enjoying a little risk. In order to generate income, business owners must ensure that their marketing, content, and user experience are all on point and are completely safeguarded from the hackers. The top cybersecurity companies are in a perpetual battle to stay ahead of possible threats. Security is one of the most critical issues and the gamers’ money is at stake and the stakes are high.

Sneak peek into this edition and have your cybersecurity concerns taken care of from poker to gaming to fantasy to rummy and get to know how the skilled gaming industry is thriving amidst the digital world!

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When ‘Shippament’ shipped the FTS 3.0 Main Event !

Not many start off a poker series expecting to ship the Main Event. One only tries to perform their best and hope that they are prepared enough for it when the time comes. When the third edition of the Final Table Series hit the online felts in September, Ankit Wadhawan was excited to be a part of it, just like any other poker player. However, winning was indeed on the cards for this up-and-coming poker pro. With two stacks in the bag, ‘Shippament’ as he is virtually known on Spartan Poker, stormed Day 2 of  the FTS 3.0 Main Event with incredible focus and grabbed that prestigious diamond-studded medallion for himself.

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What the players think?

Have you ever wondered what goes into maintaining top-of-the-line security at a casino where emotions run sky-high? Yes? No? Let us explain. The casino floor is constantly bustling with activity. There is cheer, and there is sadness, but one thing is constant- security and surveillance! Wondering what we are trying to say here? Well, let’s get to it. 

The Safety Net

Since casinos are a cash-based industry, it is not uncommon to see people come or leave with truckloads  of money. However, this is precisely the kind of place that criminals look for when starting a money- laundering operation. Casinos are always at a risk of becoming a target of such activities, and hence,  security and vigilance play an essential role.

The Notable

Bhadu started playing poker during his college days in Delhi. Eventually, the small town boy from  Rajasthan fell in love with the game. The trader-cum-poker player managed to ship the first and only tournament he played at the FTS 3.0 on BLITZPOKER for ₹7.72 Lakh. His passion for the game and his belief in himself is something that makes this IITian truly an inspiration. Here’s everything Bhadu had to share about winning the Gutshot Player of the Month title and everything about his poker journey.. Read all about his journey through the world of online poker for FREE! Simply sign up!

Testing The Indian Gaming Waters

Working with digital giants like Apple and Microsoft, Sumo Digital is one of the world’s best game development studios and have expanded its base to India. We talked to Stewart Neal, Studio Director of Sumo India Studios, to give us a glimpse into the world of game development, the measures taken to ensure a safe experience for its gamers, and the opportunities it provides aspiring talent in the game making space.

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Mumbai Marshals

 The Esports Premier League (ESPL) 2021 finally drew its curtains amid much fanfare and buzz. The team that caught everyone’s attention and gloriously lifted the title at this flagship Free Fire tournament by India Today Gaming was the ‘Mumbai Marshals.’ Originally a TSM team, the Mumbai Marshals represented Mumbai at the first of its kind franchise-based esports tournament. What Indranil Saha, aka ‘FABINDRO,’ the captain had to share was utterly delightful and wholesome!

Read on to know about and relive the victory of the ESPL 2021 champions.

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Cybersecurity of the fantasy world

As sports betting continues to grow in popularity, users can make bets instantly on their smartphones.  With millions of players and double the money involved, fantasy sports today are rife with risk. For a deeper understanding of risks, one must understand the source and nature of threats and how they can affect one’s financial stability. Fantasy sports platforms gather data on measures that can be put up against the threats and the impact of successful attacks to understand the risks better. To understand this, we connected with Mihir Sanchala, Assistant Vice President Technology, PlayerzPot. Sanchala  shared his insights on how the platform deals with cybersecurity and more.

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