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A legal guardian needed!

What is so great about September? Apart from being a month that have the maximum birthdays, September is also a month that celebrates loyalty, sincerity, and integrity. So, we, at Gutshot, decided to speak up again to show our loyalty to India’s skilled gaming sector. The unsettled position of skill gaming in India has made the law around it unclear and grey. Despite the popularity and revenue generated by gambling and betting in India, the Indian laws and the Courts in India have opposed it. Don’t you think it is high time that India’s legal system realise that regulation and not prohibition leads to better outcomes!

Joining this fight to regularise and provide a safe habour to India’s gaming and skill gaming industry is gambling law expert Jay Sayta. Sayta needs no introduction! Having extensively tracked issues on policy, regulatory, tax and legal matters and framework of gambling and gaming industry over the last decade, Jay had made his appearance in Madras High Court to challenge the constitutional validity of the amendment to the Tamil Nadu Gaming Act.

Sneak a peek into this edition and have your LEGAL fill from poker to gaming to fantasy to rummy and get to know how the skilled gaming industry is thriving with the little support that it has!

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It Is Never The House!

Legal Eagle Jay Sayta needs no introduction! There would hardly be a soul in the skilled gaming community who is not aware of the fight this legal expert has put up to regularise poker and rummy in India. Having founded website to monitor and track gaming and betting laws in 2010, Sayta have been actively involved in advising and tracking the gaming space since in 2015. However, with his appearance in court this year in Madras High Court to challenge the constitutional validity of the amendment to the Tamil Nadu where they imposed a ban on playing of games such as rummy and poker on cyberspace.

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Too many cooks spoiling the regulatory broth?

The stand-off between the online poker industry and the legal framework of the country has been a hot topic of discussion for many years now. But the screenplay of this regulatory drama is full of suspense to even make a guess.

The Magnifying Glass

Every advertisement you see had to meet the criteria put forth by our conscience keeper, Advertising Standards Council Of India (ASCI). As a magazine/website that writes predominantly about the real money gaming industry, we had several questions about the disclaimer, rules laid out by ASCI and more. To get our minds cleared, we got in touch with Manisha Kapoor, Secretary-General, ASCI.

The Notable

With the online circuit filled with various talented players, for the month of August 2021, it was Varun Meena aka ‘Ganjababe’ from BLITZPOKER who was chosen as the Player of the Month. Read all about his journey through the world of online poker for FREE! Simply sign up!

A New ‘Pro’ Kid To Test The Indian Gaming Waters

38 countries, 120 poker rooms, 35 poker games and 15 million gamers have led to EventBet, the online poker giant, to capture a considerable chunk of the online gaming industry across the globe. With EventBet setting up a base in India, with the multiplayer game called Call Break, we spoke to Dmitry Starostenkov, CEO, EvenBet Gaming about pushing the envelope to broaden the company’s reach into lucrative gaming markets with the latest addition. SIGN UP for FREE and take a glimpse of the plans that this online gaming giant has for India.  

A Waiting Game!

A lot has been talked about when it comes to having stringent laws on gambling and betting but having one wholesome regulatory framework made for gaming isn’t something that has been actively considered in India. One of the significant reasons why as soon as an online game gets its share of popularity among the masses, a call for regularising, censoring, and monitoring and, in extreme cases, ban, get filed in Indian courts. SIGN UP to find out more about why there is so much of dearth of legal support for gaming in India as compared to foreign regulations.

From the Horse’s Mouth!

While we, as a country, may be just beginning to understand the industry, we cannot ignore the fact that even at this nascent stage the industry is facing internal and external legal issues! In conversation with Dr. Mitsu Chavda, an esports lawyer, a legal advisor and a social activist as she shares her take on the legal puzzle of esports, the loopholes and the day-to-day legal issues she comes across as an active practitioner in the field.

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Legality of online fantasy games in India

Owing to its uncertainty and chance elements, fantasy sports easily get identified as a gamble. When we say fantasy sports are legal in India, that does not mean that the sector is entirely free of restrictions. Investments and operation of fantasy sports in India does carry a certain number of restrictions. We take a quick look at the perceived lack of legality and how the winnings are taxed on online fantasy platforms.

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Vanakkam Rummy (Legally)!

Rummy has always been at the receiver’s end, though it has been in the Indian system for aeons. Despite having a lack of support, the rummy industry has seen tremendous progress. So, have we ever

pondered why the companies, despite the taboo, keep on venturing into the rummy vertical and what incentives are in place? Sign up and find out!

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